If you want something, sometimes, all you need to do is ask. World-renowned singer Davido did exactly that on Wednesday morning, asking his fans to send him money if they've enjoyed his music over the years. His supporters have since come through with a bunch of donations over the course of the last six hours, and Davido is officially $300,000 richer than he was this morning as a result.

The Nigerian musician has been sharing his updated bank account balance every few minutes on Twitter after asking his fans to send him funds. At first, his goal was to hit 100 million naira, which equals over $242,000 USD. He said that he needed the money to clear his Rolls-Royce, and he met his goal, surpassing that amount. He's still going too, telling people that there's no end in sight and encouraging them to continue sending him money.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Davido's fans have been excited to connect with the singer and help him out, but this has caused division among his base. Many have spoken out, claiming that Davido, whose net worth is rumored to be around $25 million USD according to Google, should not have gone to his fans for money since they make significantly less than him. 

Check out some of Davido's posts below and let us know what you think.