Comedy GOAT Dave Chappelle has set the record straight about his political affiliation. After reports surfaced that Chappelle's new stand-up routine slammed Hillary Clinton and defended Donald Trump, the funnyman had to make himself clear: he has voted for Clinton, and he in no way is a supporter of Donald Trump.

Chappelle was approached on the street by a cameraman for TMZ, and asked to address the reports that he's a Trump supporter. Chappelle replied: "Jesus Christ, I'm not a Trump supporter. Unequivocally no. I'm not going to elaborate on it. Hell no. Just everybody vote, for whoever you wanna vote for."

A rep for Dave Chappelle also sent the following statement to Variety on the issue:

“Dave is disgusted by the tone of the election and especially by the idea that his comedy would be misconstrued to defend [Donald T]rump. His comedy show blasted both candidates ... By the way, he voted for Hillary [Clinton].”

Check out the video below.