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From the depths of the infamous streets of New Orleans Louisiana, comes an artist herald as The next big thing, Andrae Noel aka Duece. With a masterful blend of subject matter and his formula of wit, truth, and street savvy, he possibly could breathe a fresh breath of air into the Hip-Hop culture. A strong dose of reality will descend upon music lovers, as Duece descends upon the music industry, and Hip-Hop alike. This Bad-fella brings a realistic approach about life, attitude, the streets, and worldly issues, not only in his music, but also movies, including Treasure n tha Hood, Desire, Waters Rising, and Rim Shop. Duece is now focused on pursuing his first love music. Duece is considered a verbal guru, or in-depth architect. He brings gumption and placid verbal pitches musically, a story teller who verbalizes the trials and tribulations of inner city life, through melodious and lyrical metaphors, that in the delivery, you'll share his grimace of pain, as if writing, are his form of purification. A rare find, his assembled plethora of lyrics, will knock any true hip-hop listener off their feet. With a euphemism referred to as the microphone assassin, he implies a lyrical addiction to listeners. He is the finalist and the finisher, as he puts it when it comes to completion of subject matter and depth of production. Gifted with the ability to illustrate conceptualized visions through his music, he has written and produced for artist already established. This Bad-fella is well seasoned and prepped for introduction with a dosage of unique urban hip-hop sounds, spiced with a New Orleans flavor.Get ready for street subjects and hard lyrics with a powerful message. Imagine in Hip-Hop a variant so inclusive, that musically, the message could inspire a culture. Hip-Hop, prepare for the Dirty Souths underground Godson lyricists Introducing, New Orleans, own... Mc Andrae Noel, known from here on, as... Duece.


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