This year seems to be the year for comebacks. From rappers like Eve and LL Cool J, to singers like Justin Timberlake, everyone seems to be itching to get back in the limelight. This includes Danity Kane, the all-female group formed for reality T.V. in 2005.

You may remember Diddy's MTV show "Making The Band"-- the T.V. show formed the careers of Aubrey O'Day, D. Woods, Shannon Bex, Dawn Richards and Aundrea Fimbres, as they became 'the band.' However, their musical careers were short-lived, as Danity Kane was disbanded (apparently it was Diddy himself who broke them up) in 2009, after Aubrey O'Day and Woods had already left.

Now, TMZ reports that Danity Kane is in talks to re-form, this time, without their creator, Diddy. Four of the group members convened for a lunch in L.A. with a new manager to discuss their reunion. When they were asked if Diddy was involved, their response was, "who's that?"

Would you like to see Danity Kane reform?

Check out TMZ's footage of the girls below.

[Update: Group May Reunite At VMAs]

Danity Kane have launched a countdown on their official site, teasing a big announcement between 9-10 PM EDT on Sunday. This happens to coincide with the 2013 MTV VMAs, which seems a likely place for the group to reunite, seeing they were essentially formed by the network.

The group have also been teasing what seems to be a reunion on Twitter, with a few cryptic tweets. We'll have to wait until Sunday night to see if it actually goes down.

[Update: Reunion Confirmed]

Danity Kane have officially confirmed their reunion on the VMA red carpet, though former member D. Woods will reportedly not be a part of the new incarnation of the group. "She always finds her way back," one member shared of Woods' absence.

The group also announced that they are currently recording and have a new single "Rage" on the way.