If you've been paying attention to the sports world over the past few week then you would know that Nate Robinson suffered a horrific defeat at the hands of Jake Paul while in the boxing ring. The former NBA player was no match for Paul who has been taking boxing incredibly seriously over the past few years. For those who didn't get to see the fight, Paul was able to knockout Robinson in the second round, with Robinson staying on the mat for quite some time, in an almost lifeless fashion.

Since then, many have been participating in the "Nate Robinson Challenge" which simply involves lying on the floor, face first. DaBaby and Jake Paul engaged in the trend while hanging out yesterday and now, they are amping up the antics. In the clip below, you can see DaBaby, Paul, and Stunna 4 Vegas enter a room in which numerous individuals are strewn about as if they had just been knocked out.

One might make the argument that this is simply rubbing salt in the wound, although considering Robinson and Paul engaged in some heavy trash talk prior to the fight, this shouldn't be all that surprising.

Moving forward, Paul will be looking to train for some upcoming fights, especially since he has a star-studded wishlist of future opponents.