Cypress Hill News

  • Cover of 15 Musical Hits From The Bong
    Before you get on to reading, I feel a responsibility as this list's writer to inform the reading public that marijuana is bad. If you smoke it, you will get pregnant and/or die.  That being said, if you do choose to smoke the devil's lettuce in honor of the Waldos, here are a few ground rules:
  • Cover of Cypress Hill Working On New Album For 2014
    We saw B-Real of Cypress Hill come together with Xzibit and Demrick as the hip-hop group Serial Killers, but now he'll be returning to work with his native group, Cypress Hill.
  • Cover of Chronic Love: The Ongoing Affair Between Kush & Rap
    It is rumored, that at the turn of the twentieth century, marijuana and music were married in New Orleans. Jazz was in its infancy; as experimental art-form it found Mary Jane to be a complimentary companion. She permitted calm endurance and open-minded expression; benefits those creative forefathers indulged in.
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