Cypher Clique Mixtapes

  • Love The Universe
    Love The Universe
    After dropping their Everyone Is Dangerous tape in February, prolific Delaware-based rap group Cypher Clique returns with the slightly more positively titled Love The Universe. 
  • Everyone Is Dangerous
    Everyone Is Dangerous
    It's never too long of a wait in between Cypher Clique mixapes. The hip-hop group gave us The Greatest Show On Thirst in August, and return this winter with a new mixtape Everyone Is Dangerous. This mixtape acts a celebration of sorts, as the rap group will be the first Delaware hip-hop act performing at the FireFly Music Festival in Dover, Delaware this June. So if you're in the area, hit that up. 
  • The Greatest Show On Thirst
    The Greatest Show On Thirst
    Delaware Hip-Hop trio Cypher Clique is back with their latest project, The Greatest Show On Thirst. The new release features production from D-Major, Tribe Beats, Headshot, Tree-Lo, and several others. Quintin Richardson, Matt Howe, Frank Boy, and Dub all appear as features as well.
  • The City
    The City
    Hear The City, the latest project from Cypher Clique, released on Sunday, November 10th, 2013. Cypher Clique continues to impress with each new leak, and The City is no exception. It's strengthens Cypher Clique's already impressive body of work, which has seen positive change over the years. We're most definitely anticipating Cypher Clique's next offering.
  • June 23rd
    June 23rd
    The following artists are featured on the mixtape: Sam West, Prod, Ft Beat Godz, Relay Of Cypher Clique Freestyle. These producers soundtracked the mixtape: 9th Wonder, Kajmir Royale, Beat Godz, J.Edwards, Elllce Productions, Money Moss, Best Kept Secret. Can you appreciate the bars here?
  • The Mattress
    The Mattress
    These artists are featured on the project: E-Dub, Sam West, Beat Godz, Money. The following producers contributed to the mixtape: 2toxic Production, Beat Godz, Best Kept Secret. Did you enjoy Sam West, E-Dub, Beat Godz, Money's contributions to this mixtape? What do y'all think of this mixtape?