Curren$y is one of the realest, and most hilarious rappers out. Whether you're high as a kite or straight as an arrow, the Hot Spitta will have you nodding your head in agreeance to whatever he rhymes, and every now then, you just might giggle. Some rappers spit knowledge, some rappers spit about material items, and other rappers talk about their pot consumption, their cars and their bitches. Curren$y is definitely the latter.

Whether he's impressing label executives, smoking with your girl, or traveling around the world, Curren$y always has an approachable touch when he relays his lifestyle. Even if it's topic you can't particularly relate too, he somehow throws in a bar that you definitely can relate too. Backed by luxurious hip hop beats, it makes for quite the enjoyable listen.

Here are some of Curren$y's realest bars on Pilot Talk III. Share your favorite bar in the comment section.