It's been almost four months since the last edition of our "Crew Love" series, in which we profiled Chance The Rapper's Save Money crew, but this new feature has a twist. Instead of merely researching the careers of each artist in Visionary Music Group, the latest "Crew Love" subject, we got all of them to sound off about their own careers. Their responses paint a vivid picture of the label and the creative minds that fuel it.

Visionary, or VMG for short, is currently made up of two rappers, Logic and QuESt, a singer/songwriter/producer, Jon Bellion, and another producer, 6ix. Though small in number, all four minds seem to be cut from the same restless cloth, with VMG artists' new projects rarely resembling their predecessors and always seeming to boldly push the music into new, unexplored territories.

In their responses to questions about their still-young careers, Logic, QuESt, Bellion and 6ix show some other common threads, namely a profound respect for Kanye West and J Dilla's production talents. With the work of those two creative geniuses inspiring VMG's crew to never settle for mediocrity and artistic stagnation, this young-but-talented crop of artists seem to be carving out their own lane in the rap game.

Read on to learn the story of VMG.