OFWGKTA (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All), more commonly referred to as Odd Future, made a huge splash in the rap world when they burst onto the scene in late 2009 with crew leader Tyler, the Creator's critically-acclaimed Bastard mixtape. Bringing dark, lo-fi sonics, even darker lyrics and off-kilter humor to the table, the rest of the crew would soon follow him into the limelight.

Over the past five years, Odd Future have given us wild late night TV performances, demented music videos, a sketch comedy show, a missing person case, a Grammy winner, boatloads of controversy, and of course, a ton of enjoyable music. The crew's members are involved in everything from space age R&B projects to designing clothing, making OF a very versatile group for their (generally) young ages.

Here are profiles of the Odd Future's 10 most prominent members. As always, if there's another crew you'd like to see covered, shout it out in the comments.