Cory Jreamz Songs

  • Drunk In Toronto
    Drunk In Toronto
    Later this year, Houston native Cory Jreamz will be releasing the Brando EP. We've already heard the project's "In The Night," and now here's a second track called "Drunk In Toronto."
  • In The Night
    In The Night
    For those unfamiliar, Cory Jreamz, AKA The Black Marlon Brando, is a rising poet, emcee, director and screenwriter born and raised in Houston, Texas. With an appropriately titled Brando EP on the way, Cory decides to come through and share a new offering off it called “In The Night”. Backed by some dark and menacing production from Fergus Martin, Cory delivers a story-telling driven record that finds him rappin’ about a certain lady friend and her wild antics in the evening. Take a listen and let us know what ya think!
  • Freedom
    Last time we heard from Cory Jreamz (described by our very own Eric Jaffe as an up-and-coming poet/musician/screenwriter/genius hailing from Houston, Texas), it was when he shared the melancholic "Berlin Blues" back in July. Now he returns with a track called "Freedom," which is a bit more chaotic and energetic than its predecessor.
  • Berlin Blues
    Berlin Blues
    An up-and-coming poet/musician/screenwriter/genius hailing from Houston, Texas, Cory Jreamz has developed quite a reputation among regular viewers as one of the most promising talents rising out of lone star state.  On "Berlin Blues," he takes a turn to the Kid-Cudi-esque experimental. Crooning on a cinematic beat courtesy of Twin Empire, his screenwriting ability really shines through--inhabiting the beat with relatable rhymes and believable characters.
  • Gods
    Stream "Gods," the latest offering from emerging Houston, Texas emcee Cory Jreamz, produced by Fergus Martin. It's an ethereal reflection on his experience in life thus far, as well as his lack of acceptance in his native H-Town. Try and not lose yourself in it. 
  • Nina
    "Nina" is the latest cut from emerging Houston emcee Cory Jreamz. Things are improving for Jreamz with each new offering, and "Nina" is certainly no exception. It's a worthy addition to his catalogue, which has seen much evolution as of late. We're definitely anticipating the next step. What do you think of it, though?