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For those unfamiliar, Cory Jreamz, AKA The Black Marlon Brando, is an emerging poet, emcee, director and screenwriter hailing from the southern rap mecca that is Houston, Texas. That being said, he's of a considerably different sensibility than the forefathers who defined that scene, influenced by the disparate likes of Brian Eno, Ernest Hemingway, David Lynch, Tim Hecker, Maya Angelou, Jonathan Ive, Marina Abramovic, Woody Allen, Chief Keef, Crystal Castles, Edgar Allan Poe and Nas. 

The last we heard of Jreamz was his December 2013 EP Invictus, which included the standout single / visual "Nina". He's currently working on a new project titled BERLIN, which has no official release date as of yet. Stay tuned, and hit up for further details.

Don't sleep on this young lord - he shows strong promise, and is a supremely optimistic artist.

Facts Only

  • Jreamz started writing poetry at the age of fourteen.
  • Cory Jreamz' go-to producer is the UK's Fergus Martin.
  • He's been screenwriting since he was sixteen.
  • Lil Wayne is his favorite rapper of all time.
  • Cory's a big fan of Ernest Hemingway, his favorite work being "The End Of Something".
  • He's known as "The Black Marlon Brando" in certain circles.
  • Cory dropped out of Art / Film school to pursue music full time.
  • The first instrumental he ever rapped over was Diddy - Dirty Money's "Angels".
  • His favorite director is David Lynch.
  • Jreamz' favorite Lynch film is Mulholland Drive.

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