KING COOPER was born on September 7 1983 in a small City called Sylvania Ga. This took place in the back seat of his father’s car on the way 2 the hospital. It was said he couldn’t wait to touchdown and raise H E double hockey sticks. Born into the world Toby Christopher Cooper & nicknamed Coop. As a youngster he participated in freestyle battles at a local club called the space ship & quickly gained a reputation for destroying his opponents. At age 15 he started getting more serious about his craft. Converting into an artist from a battle rapper by writing his thoughts down thanks 2 ah anger management counselor. He was told to “Keep rapping there’s theory in music”. After he moved to Tallahassee Fl & Linked up with a local group called Mercinary Camp he soon noticed he was different from his peers. This is where he gained another nickname (THE 4FANG MONSTER) 4Fang for the gold teeth on his k9’s & monster because of his raw style of spitting rhymes. The group found local success but fell apart due to fights over money. After high school he joined the army & learned how to turn his body into a machine & turn his words into weapons. The pen is sharper then the sword & the kids nice with his. On April 16 2005 his brother was shot down at a local Tallahassee night club called Mount Zion & this tossed the artist into a very dark place. A few fist fights piss test and high speed chasses later coop was out of the military & thirsty for beats. He backslid & became a street pharmacist to support his music career. It then turn into a foot race to get signed when he found out he was going to be the father of a little girl in 2008 & it seemed like just a dream after his son was born in 2010.But in January of 2011 he released LEGEND OF THE FANGS & the hood went crazy…


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