Common's acting career is on fire right now. He's recently appeared in "Selma," "Run All Night," and AMC drama "Hell on Wheels," and he will appear in "Barbershop 3," "Suicide Squad," and NBC's upcoming production of "The Wiz." Now the Hollywood Reporter is reporting that the Chicago MC has been cast as the main villain opposite Keanu Reeves in the upcoming film "John Wick 2."

His character is reportedly the head of security for a female crime boss. Keanu Reeves stars as John Wick, the former hitman who comes out of retirement when gangsters murder his dog.

There's more: according to DeadlineCommon also inked a 2-year deal with HBO that gives them exclusive first-look rights on any film or show that comes out of his company Freedom Road Productions. Showtime recently ordered scripts for a Chicago-based drama the production company is working on, so it's possible that Common will have shows at Showtime and HBO at the same damn time.

"John Wick 2" begins shooting this week.