At a time when a need for change is long overdue, Chi Ossé is taking to public office in hopes to create a better New York City. Chi Ossé, the son of the late Combat Jack, announced on social media that he will be running for City Council in Crown Heights in New York City. Sharing a post to Instagram, he revealed that his campaign is already legendary due to the fact that he's the first Generation Z politician to run for this position.

"I’m excited to announce that I will be running for New York City Council District 36," he wrote. "I will be the first Gen-Z politician to run for this seat. I will be running in my hometown because I want to see change for my people. They are my neighbors, my friends, and my family. I will be able to use the platform I have gained to finally make sure we see the betterment of black lives. I’m ecstatic for this journey and I ask that you join me."

Ossé has been on the frontlines with the Black Lives Matter movement in New York City. With his plans to win the 36th district, there are three main points he hopes to tackle: 1) Ending qualified immunity, 2) reduce police budget & demilitarizing the New York Police Department and 3) using those funds to re-invest into lower-income communities and communities of color. Check out more on his website.