Clyde Carson just released his new effort yesterday, Playboy, and we connected with the rapper on the day of the album release to talk about the project, what comes next, and more. 

The EP, which is available for stream here, features Master P on "Mile Away", although it appears the Game-featured "Tell That Bitch Drive" didn't make the final cut. Nonetheless, we got word from Clyde on how he connected with either MC.

Clyde reveals that he was actually signed to Game for a brief period of time, and thus the collaboration came easily between the two. "Game signed me back in '07, so shout out to Game. We been brothers ever since," the rapper revealed. "Master P, actually just did a record with Silk for his project. Since I was in the No Limit studio, I was like, man what's up with P." He added, "I been a fan ever since I was out in Richmond in the projects, so I always wanted to get a track with him."

As for what the Oakland native was doing to celebrate the release of Playboy, he was keeping it quite low-key. "Just take it in, and I'm actually going back to the studio, going back to work," Clyde told our host Broady. "My fans always want more music, so my main objective and focus right now is continue to supply the demand."

Finally, Clyde revealed that he has plans to get in the studio with none other than the Kang of the South, T.I., which he is excited about. "Me and Tip we supposed to get in there. That's one person I'm looking forward to doing something with. We was both like, you wanna work with me and I wanna work with him."

Check out the full interview below, where he discusses adopting the Playboy title from "Playboy Short."