Once again, people are trying to make it seem as though the City Girls have issues with Cardi B.

Despite having a hit song with her and showing her love all the time, the girl group from Florida is constantly facing chatter that they're at odds with Cardi. Most recently, those rumors were amplified when Yung Miami and JT revealed that they would like to work with Nicki Minaj, the rapper's arch-nemesis. 

During a recent interview on their press run, JT cleared up the nonsense, cutting off the interviewer and correcting her, saying that there is absolutely nothing wrong with them and Cardi B or anybody else.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

"Let me correct you. Cardi [B] did promote our album," says JT. "We was not talking about any artist in specific. I was talking about those fan pages."

JT and Yung Miami are under constant critique for things they say and they often draw the ire of both Cardi and Nicki's fans.

"It don't matter if it's Cardi fans or Nicki fans. I think they both got the two biggest fanbases," clarified JT.

She goes on to say that the fans are always in her comments talking shit, and she will never let anybody bully her.

"When we talk about Nicki Minaj, we're not doing some shade at Cardi. We're just personally fans," said JT. "For us to be artists, we deserve to like everybody too. It's not nothing against her, it's not nothing against anybody, period."

There you have it. There's absolutely nothing going on between the City Girls and Cardi B. Check out what they have to say at the 13-minute mark.