Ciara Works It Out In "Level Up" Video

July 18, 2018 11:10

"Get ready to dance."

Ciara's new single, "Level Up," finally dropped. The artist gave us a little taste of the track yesterday through an Apple Music preview. Today, she comes through with the full track along with its visual treatment. Sis wasn't kidding when she warned her fans via Twitter to "get ready to dance." The music video features a choreography performed by CiCi and a dozen dancers. If fans attempt to replicate these moves at home, they'll either level up their cardio or give up. The routine is a workout: it includes actual butt-bridges. There's only one moment to chill. A halftime bridge contrasts the rest of the composition. The track should be added to any self-respecting workout playlist. The lyrical content is ideal for those who require sonic motivation to push their boundaries towards greatness.  

This new single is defining for Ciara and her fans considering her hiatus. "Level Up" is CiCi's first single since her previous full-length project. Jackie dropped in 2015. 

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