Chuck Inglish Songs

  • Short Stoppin'
    Short Stoppin'
    Before his album, Everybody’s Big Brother, drops in the next couple of hours, Chuck Inglish decides to share one last preview off it ahead of time called “Short Stoppin'” featuring ManMan Savage.
  • Freaknik 96
    Freaknik 96
    Chuck Inglish is warming us up for his new solo album, Everybody's Big Brother. Last we spoke to him about the album, it was supposed to be due out in the summer, but obviously the summer's come and went at this point (sad face).
  • Whoa/Whoa
    On October 2, Chuck Inglish will be releasing a new album for the fans called Everybody’s Big Brother. Today, he decides to share a new track that didn’t make the final album cut due to sample clearances called “Whoa/Whoa,” featuring D-town’ own Buddy. And just like the artwork of Joey Lawrence, the track is emoji flames. Look for Chuck to continue to rollout new music leading up to the album release on October 2. EBB will hit iTunes next for those who want to pre-order that bish a head of time. Stay tuned.
  • Bathroom By The Auditorium
    Bathroom By The Auditorium
    Grey Sweatpants returns today with the release of "Bathroom by the Auditorium," where he takes us on a trip down memory lane, accompanied by Chuck Inglish's dexterous production. The cousin of Chuck seems determined to make rap music about topics rarely touched upon-- from the soul-touching question "Are Cheetos Really Chips?" to the first time he banged a chick, apparently in the bathroom by the school's auditorium.
  • Fuck The Hook
    Fuck The Hook
    "I don't need no hook for this shit," whether declared or not, can be a very successful formula, but not just anyone can pull it off. Luckily, Earlly Mac, Chuck Inglish, and Dusty McFly command enough individual attention that no refrain is needed on their new record. Although, like Jay Z's song of a similar title, the repeated phrase of "Fuck that hook," does low-key serve as a chorus, but on the strength of their 16s alone, we'll let it slide.
  • Super Squad
    Super Squad
    The Cool Kids reunite(!!). At least for this one record. Chuck Inglish and Sir Michael Rocks, former rapping partners, come together for Chuck's new single off his upcoming album Everybody's Big Brother. This follows up the single "2003," which we premiered the other month, however "Super Squad" is being touted as the "lead" single. The record is quintessential Chuck, with minimalistic production featuring cowbells and bass. 
  • Cortez Nikes
    Cortez Nikes
    On July 1st, Raz Fresco will release a new project called Pablo Frescobar, from which we've already heard the Bishop Nehru-assisted "Equinox" and "Screwface City." Today, he liberates a new one called "Cortez Nikes" that features Chuck Inglish. 
  • That's Cute
    That's Cute
    Asher Roth shared the video for "That's Cute" last week, and today he's shared the official audio. The record is laced by a heavy sub-bass beat courtesy of Chuck Inglish, and Asher adjusts his flow accordingly, resembling something akin to a classic Cool Kids record. Asher's been experimenting with more psychedelic, live instrumental sounds, so this is one of the purest rap songs he's done in a while.
  • 2003
    Chuck Inglish takes us back to '03 and all the goodness that era contained with his new single. The former Cool Kids member, who brought the '90s back in his first life as a rapper, is now aiming to bring the early '00s back, but, as we discussed in our interview, not just any year in the 2000s. It's gotta be 2003. What was so great about '03 you ask?
  • Down On My Luck (Chuck Inglish Remix)
    Down On My Luck (Chuck Inglish Remix)
    Chuck Inglish's old group The Cool Kids always had a refreshing, think-outside-the-box approach to rap. Supposedly, he made the "Black Mags" beat while on shrooms.
  • So Long
    So Long
    Onra is a French Dilla-inspired electronic beatmaker who's put out dope instrumental records on labels like Fools Gold and All City. He enlists Chicago emcee Chuck Inglish on his latest track, "So Long", off his upcoming album Fundamentals, which promises to channel the '90s hip-hop and R&B Onra grew up with.  We immediately feel the nostalgic influence, but with glossy synths and house-y samples, "So Long" never feels dated. The always en vogue Chuck Inglish lays down smooth raps that blend right into Onra's eclectic production.
  • Get Down
    Get Down
    The foaming-at-the-mouth, hopped-up OG Maco we were introduced to on "U Guessed It" doesn't even begin to show up on "Get Down," a highlight from the ATL rapper's new EP, Breathe. In keeping with the track's old-school-style Chuck Inglish beat, OGG tempers his delivery to a world-wearied, inquisitive tone, and ends up with one of the best tracks of his career.
  • Suite
    The Cool Kids added a couple of verses to Father's "Look At Wrist" remix a couple weeks back, which seems to have marked the start of what could be a collaborative partnership between the Chicago duo and Atlanta's newest wave of artists. On "Suite", Chuck Inglish supplies a beat for Key!, who appeared on the original "Wrist" and continues to be a close affiliate of both Father and the Awful Records collective.
  • #LikeKanye (Remix)
    #LikeKanye (Remix)
    With countless clever references to the music, career highlights and videos of Kanye West, Earlly Mac's song "#Like Kanye" was bound to catch the ears of some big-name Yeezy fans, and now there's a remix to prove that it did. Bizzy Crook and Chuck Inglish, two artists I previously couldn't have imagined on the same track together, lend helping hands to Mac on the remix. 
  • Fat Raps (Remix)
    Fat Raps (Remix)
    When Big Sean was coming up his mixtape grind was on point. He dropped three instalments in his Finally Famous series, with the third and final arriving in 2010. He later followed it up with a debut album of the same name, but that didn't really stack up to the mixtapes so we'll gloss over it. 
  • The Wheel
    The Wheel
    Today we get a new effort from Buddy and Chuck Inglish. Buddy, who is signed to Pharrell's i am OTHER imprint, dropped his debut mixtape Idle Time in February, which featured production from Chuck.
  • James Harden
    James Harden
    "We had a day off in Houston a couple of years ago, so we made this. It was featured on Illroots Radio Volume Three.Five." That's how Chuck Inglish describes "James Harden," a track he just freed from the confines of that hourlong IllRoots mix in honor of Throwback Thursday. Featuring guest verses from Killa Kyleon and a then-nascent Vic Mensa, this lengthy track bears an unmistakable connection to the music of H-Town.
  • Ain’t Nothing Like
    Ain’t Nothing Like
    It looks like Mikey Rocks' wishes of collaborating with Bay Area legend Too Short finally came true on his latest album BANCO. Over production from DJ Mustard no less, Mikey connects with the OG and his rapping partner/Cool Kids affiliate Chuck Inglish. "Ain't Nothing Like" is definitely a banger.
  • Gametime
    "Gametime" is the latest reveal from Chuck Inglish's upcoming album Convertibles, guest-starring the inimitable Action Bronson. If you can't dig this one, you may want to consider reevaluating your outlook, because the record's undeniably dope. Try bumping it in the whip.
  • Money Clip
    Money Clip
    The other day we saw Chuck Inglish's jazzy collaboration with Chance The Rapper, "Glam", and he returns today with a slew of artist by his side, and a completely different vibe. "Money Clip" has some crazy production that seems to incorporate a little of everything, while Vic Mensa, RetcH, Hassani Kwess & Sulaiman are all featured.