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Kevi tha kid A.K.A. Mr.Grimmace formerly known as Skitz tha str8jaket, Is one of the most Lude and Versitile emcees to date! within ever mannerizm he can comprehend he stick's it to you with an ecentric style known only to himself. He began his journey in 1998 with Graphix DaGod then known as Billy Danger and Big Math Then Known As Gee Saprano under there label at the time G.B.R. (Gangsta Blitz Records) formed by the members themselves, they set out chasing dreams and looking to obtain one goal ... Success! In the year 2000 they linked up with executive director of RedLineConnexion Elementz emcee to make up the nue generation Abstrakt Domain. A group then that formed of 7 members ... they droped there first group mixtape in 2004 entitled "Appreciated This" contributing a little bit of everything amongst the mag.7 amongst this mixtape Mista had 3 memorable tracks "We Aint Playing" w/ Da Queen of spades and his 2 solo songs "Thug Poetry" and "Goodbye" Later In the year Abstrakt Domain Went on to preform at a local venue called "Chicago Rock The Mic" where they had the whole crowd chanting there name with pride! A year later in 2005 Mista released his solo project "The Only Way To Stop Me Is Drop Me" which didnt really get to far within his own eye's. But little to his knowledge opened the eye's to a small fan base and got people to open up and accept him as his own person and artist! Mista at the time it was popular had thousands of spins on his myspace artist page which left him shocked and awe struck! ... Ironicly he was going thru a rutt dealing with his own personal problems/demons and it was those demons he released within his music giving him a darker more powerful approach and opened up the air waves to detroit native GeeUniteUs with his single "I Promise" The 2 then linked up kept in contact and began forming power moves that continue to lead the young artist into a more powerful and dominering effort within his rise to claims over his name. Then in later years to come he lost all contact with the outside world and began to focus on himself only to be let down and drug under deeper into the muds. Finale he stepped outta the wood works and picked up his pen once again and started doing what came natural to him! In 2007 he came back to the family he knew .... established contact with all his former contacts state to state and started raising lyrical hell with the best of the best in the unsigned/underground market! Now still rockin the brand name abstrack domain/redlineconnexion he branches out with fellow member graphix dagod and establishes the G.N.G.INC. stamp! picking up the fallen soldiers from the past and reaching out to some nue names they plan on building an empire unlike no other! As he has been building to establish himself from the rest with his in your face and abracive lyrics ... he brings heart of the matter subjects to each and every rhyme that he designs! holding no punches and taking no mercy, he gives you his every and anything that comes from the stem of his brain. love, life, loyalty and dedication is his given means! This no bullshit rapper/emcee is one of the best up and coming artist in the city of chicago! Backed by his band members Abstrakt Domain, and his Counterpart N.B.G records in Detroit Mich. he strives to bring nothing but the most house held name and reign inorder to triumph and set out to seperate himself from any other brand in the world! Mista has been holding his tung for nun and going in with a can do attitude and letting the never no mind mindstate generate for itself!


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