Childish Gambino, who doubles as the actor Donald Glover, has a role in the upcoming movie "Magic Mike XXL." With the movie hitting theatres on July 1st, let's hope he puts some focus back on his rap music. The artist hopped on twitter last night for a short Q&A with the fans, and among the social-minded questions and questions about his acting career, we also got one pertaining to rap.

Back in December, it was reported that Glover was helming a pilot episode about the Atlanta rap scene. It looks like the comedian still has plans for this, when asked by twitter user @alecsyrv4 "are you ever going to do anymore acting stuff?" Glover responded, "its going well. we shoot the pilot this summer. the scripts are making me laugh." 

As for hip-hop, when asked "when r u going to work with migos" Childish replied, "i texted their manager an hour ago. waiting to hear back."

Do you want to hear Childish x Migos collaboration? Check out screenshots from the short twitter Q&A above, via Pigeons & Planes.