For those looking to get time with a popular artist for just about anything requires strategic planning with a number of people. Managers, agents, A&Rs, and others often add bits to artists' schedules, causing any disruptions nearly impossible to overcome. Recently, Chief Keef had an appointment for a Complex interview, but according to the outlet, the rapper's manager, Peeda Pan, had to shut it down. Pan reportedly suggested that Keef was feeling the effects of overindulging on lean the night before.

The publication allegedly waited on Chief Keef for four hours before Pan told them that the meeting wasn't going to take place because "Keef wasn't in the mood for interviews." Additionally, "Pan also brought up the fact that Keef spent four racks on lean the night before and hadn’t woken up until late in the afternoon. I figured it was my time to exit."

The Bang Bang artist did resurface for a brief chat, but he held up to his reputation of being a secluded, enigmatic figure in the rap game, despite the beefs with other artists and mysterious reputation. Keef, unsurprisingly, hasn't commented on the remarks about his lean usage.