Chief Keef is at it again. The GBE rapper was just arrested last week for smoking marijuana in his hotel room, and has already been taken in again after he was caught speeding in Northfield, IL late last night.

Keef's 2011 BMW X6 M was spotted tearing down the road at around 3:45 AM, where he was allegedly travelling at 110mph in a 55 zone. This wasn't Sosa's only offense, as the rapper's permit only allows him to have one passenger, yet there were three other people in his car.

The "Macaroni Time" rapper was taken into custody, and is due back in court on June 17th.

[UPDATE: Dash cam footage has surfaced of Chief Keef's recent speeding and arrest.]

Today we get footage from a camera on the dash of a police vehicle that proves Chief Keef was indeed speeding in Illinois.

The footage shows Keef's car zoom by, with the cop car soon pursuing him. The cop car catches up with Keef and pulls him over, and the arrest follows.

Watch the footage below.