If you've been paying attention to Offset's social media accounts, you'll have noticed a shiny new raindrop hanging around his neck. The Migos rapper has purchased a $100,000 piece inspired by his hook on the #1 hit "Bad and Boujee." He commissioned the chain so he'd have it just in time to look fresh for Quavo's birthday weekend.

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@elliotavianne N E W P I E C E A L E R T 💧 RAINDROP

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TMZ has obtained some details on the piece, revealing that the raindrop itself is 32 karats, making for a total of 65 karats including the chain. Jeweler Elliot Avianne of Avianne & Co Jewelers is said to have had the piece ready for the rapper in 48 hours. In a clip posted to the rapper's Instagram, we see that the back of the piece has the words "DROP TOP" engraved. Check out a video of Offset rocking the chain below.

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Quavo's 26th birthday brought out a lot of flashy jewelry last weekend. Check out some clips from the celebration here.