Chance The Rapper Songs

  • Broad Shoulders
    Broad Shoulders
    Taylor the Bennett is not as famous as his older brother Chance the Rapper, but he's a rapper too.
  • Navigator Truck
    Navigator Truck
    Instead of joining in on the craziness that is today’s album releases, Chicago’s Alex Wiley has decided to wait a week until he releases the sequel to his 2014 project Village Party.
  • Juke Or Treat
    Juke Or Treat
    Chance The Rapper has always made sure to incorporate a range of musical styles from his hometown of Chicago. The intro to his breakthrough mixtape Acid Rap opens with a juke-influenced track, and the sound has penetrated many of his other records as well. Today, Chance and the rest of the social experiment have shared a full-on juke track, which samples X-Files, Ghost Busters and The Twilight Zone (as well as Chance himself) in honor of Halloween. 
  • Angels
    Before footage surfaces online of Chance The Rapper debuting his new song “Angels” on "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert" from Monday night, the Chicago artist decides to share the song ahead of time on iTunes & soundcloud as a FREE download.
  • All My Friends
    All My Friends
    Well here’s a nice unexpected treat for Tinashe & Chance The Rapper fans. Out of nowhere, UK production duo Snakehips decide to release a new single with the two called “All My Friends,” and its pretty catchy.
  • Remember Me
    Remember Me
    Kyle (aka K.I.D. aka Super Duper Kyle) is a 22-year old rapper out of Ventura, CA who is set to drop a project called Smyle next week. Before he does that, he shares a single called "Remember Me," in which he invites Chance the Rapper to sing a soulful hook.  Sorta sounds like that great Tupac song "Run Tha Streetz, except substituting Kyle's breezier flow (which actually resembles that of Chance) for Tupac's hardened delivery.
  • Church
    BJ The Chicago Kid has spent years giving other notable artists his featured-touch, but now it’s his turn to take on the spotlight. With his debut album, In My Mind, right around the corner, the Chicago crooner decides to come through just in time for the weekend and share his highly-anticipated Chance The Rapper-featured cut titled “Church,” which also features Buddy on it.
  • Israel (Sparring)
    Israel (Sparring)
    The past three months have brought us more new Chance The Rapper music than we had in the entirety of 2014. First there was Surf, the collaborative, experimental project helmed by Donnie Trumpet and The Social Experiment, then just last week Chance paired up with Lil B for a charming "freestyle mixtape," and now we've got a brand new track out of the blue. "Israel (Sparring)" features his frequent collaborator Noname Gypsy and was produced by Cam O'bi.
  • Whats Next
    Whats Next
    This afternoon, Chance The Rapper and Lil B The Based God surprised us with their collaborative mixtape. It was rumored to be in the works for a minute, with Chance confirming said rumors the other month. The joint six-song project is available for free download here.
  • Rememory (Ologist 4K Remix)
    Rememory (Ologist 4K Remix)
    Little-known VA producer The Ologist just came up with a big-time remix, chopping up Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment's jazzy smoov "Rememory" feat. Erykah Badu and making it somehow even jazzy smoovier than the original.  The drums alone are choice and The Ologist's tasteful MPC-handiwork seals the deal. Here is his artist statement for the track:
  • Wanna Be Cool
    Wanna Be Cool
    After an agonizing wait, SURF is finally here, and Chance the Rapper fans are rejoicing in the positive summer vibes from Donnie Trumpet & co. The bouncy jazz-bop of SURF is what we've come to expect from The Social Experiment, but we were surprised by some of the guest artists on the album-- in a very good way. 
  • Familiar
    Donnie Trumpet and The Social Experiment's SURF is the perfect project to put you in a good mood, and seeing as it's Friday you should already be in a good mood. So now you'll be in a good mood x2. The free compilation album not only puts the musical talents of Chance's crew on display, but it also features a who's who of rappers/singers, which fans were left to decode as no features were listed outright. 
  • Hiatus
    With Surf seemingly nowhere in site, Social Experiment fans stormed Chance's Twitter last week, pleading the rapper to free them from their misery and drop the album already. Well, we still don't have a release date, though perhaps Chance took the hint, as he shared a new song, "Hiatus," today on his soundcloud. But he wasn't exactly forthcoming about it...
  • Clean Up
    Clean Up
    It's kind of surprising how separate Chicago's respective hip-hop and footwork scenes have stayed to this day.
  • The Way
    The Way
    Kehlani comes through just as the day starts to wind down with "The Way." The singer has been buzzing more and more with each new song she drops, setting herself up as the 'next' big r'n'b singer to break. Time will tell, but for now, she impresses with the slowed down funky jam "The Way," featuring a verse from Chicago's Chance The Rapper.
  • Planes (Remix)
    Planes (Remix)
    We knew there were two versions of Jeremih's "Planes" from the beginning, but when the single was eventually released, it was J. Cole who showed up on the official track. Chicago rap fans continued to pine for the original Chance The Rapper mix of the song, but eventually gave up hope after months of waiting.
  • Prisoner
    Young NYC singer Jordan Bratton started buzzing with his Grey Area mixtape, before getting Fabolous on the remix to one of his hot tracks, "Danger." That was last October, and now he's back with a new single, "Prisoner," with another big rap feature: Chance the Rapper. 
  • Heaven Only Knows
    Heaven Only Knows
    As the careers of Chance the Rapper and Vic Mensa continue to blow up, make sure not to forget about Towkio, SAVEMONEY's next-up. Though Chance is here--at the end of track, he posits .Wav Theory (Towkio's upcoming mixtape) as the hottest tape of 2015--"Heaven Only Knows" is a showcase of Towkio's potential, and his essential spot within the Chicago crew. 
  • Cold Stares
    Cold Stares
    Nosaj Thing gets our second Chance The Rapper feature of the week. After appearing on Action Bronson's "Baby Blue" record off his highly anticipated album Mr. Wonderful, Chance is back at it with DJ/producer Nosaj Thing. Nosaj Thing was behind Chance's "Paranoia" from his Acid Rap days, and the two echo that sound on "Cold Stares."
  • Baby Blue
    Baby Blue
    After debuting the "Actin' Crazy" music video last week, Action Bronson is back at the Mr.