CES Cru Videos

  • Cover of CES Cru "Jimmy Stewart" Video
    Pulp Fiction is one of those classic films that demand to be watched every time the option is presented. In a way, CES Cru's "Jimmy Stewart" is a lot like Quentin's film: it's addictive, high-energy, and a little on the zany side. Don't buy into the comparison? Then give the video above a quick view.
  • Cover of CES Cru "Give It To Me" Video
    If you're still sleeping on CES Cru, it's about time to wake up.
  • Cover of CES Cru Feat. Tech N9ne "Power Play" Video
    CES Cru is back with Codename: Ego Stripper, the group's sophomore LP under the Strange Music umbrella.
  • Cover of CES Cru "Sound Bite" Video
    Jumping off tour for a day in KCMO, Strange Music's Ces Cru took some time to shoot the black-and-white visuals for their latest single "Sound Bite." The first peek at their upcoming album, the awesomely-titled Codename: Stripper Ego, the song is available on iTunes now when you pre-order the album. 
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