A fat man wearing a golden tunic and golden helmet turned heads on the Grammys red carpet this weekend. Everyone agreed that this man was singer Cee Lo Green. But according to Green, it was not him, but his alter-ego, Gnarly Davidson.

"Oh that's somebody else altogether, man," he explained to TMZ Tuesday night while leaving the West Hollywood restaurant Delilah. 

When asked about to share details about the golden garb, Green simply replied, "I don't know bro, I wasn't there."

Green's showstopping Grammys maneuver is the second time he has executed a shameless stunt to promote the music of Gnarly Davidson. Two days after Green's staged phone explosion in December, Davidson released his debut single "Fuck Me I'm Famous." Two days after the Grammys, Davidson released a "Jessie's Girl" redux titled "Jay Z's Girl." 

"I've been hearing about the guy," Green told TMZ. "He's cool. Keep it up Gnarly! I'm becoming a fan."