There's no stopping the Internet stardom of Danielle Bregoli, aka Ms. Cash Me Outside, as she continues to include herself in spectacles of viral ratchetness. Yesterday, the hot-tempered teenager and her mother were kicked off a Spirit Airlines flight after Danielle got into a brawl, full of ear-splitting screams and foul-mouthed insults, with another passenger. The rest of the plane had their camera phones ready. Danielle has now phoned into TMZ in order to give her side of the story, explaining that she felt obligated to defend her mother, especially seeing that she's a breast cancer survivor. 

The spat originally ensued when a woman onboard started getting in her mom's face for taking too long to stow her overhead luggage. "Then I jump in being the little chihuahua I am," says Danielle. She then says that the other lady called her and her mom "racial slurs." In the below video, you can hear the woman yell "you fucking wigger" in their direction. "You're not even black you fucking bitch," she then screams, seemingly addressing Danielle. 

Danielle decided to go into full Cash Me Outside mode once the woman attempted to put her hands on her mom's neck. Her mother was unable to defend herself, as she had suffered breast cancer and was also wearing a cast on her leg for a separate injury, so Danielle had to put her infamous temper to work. "This lady hit my mom, I need to whoop her right now," she says with no regrets. Her and her mom aren't allowed to fly Spirit Airlines anymore, but the incident has added some more sand into Danielle's celebrity hourglass.