Cap Jones

Chasing a dream where a plethora of rappers have commanded the music scene in your city may have some type of effect on a person but for a particular singer/songwriter from out of Los Angeles, its only motivation to push even harder. Cap Jones is a new vocalist starting to build something out of nothing and trying to fight the statistic that has been placed before him in his life. Raised by only his mother in an apartment on the north side of Inglewood, or “The Wood” as it is so commonly known as, where the gangs roam free and the trouble is such an ease to get into. He never fell into the wrong crowds and never fell into that seedy life as he began to find a knack for singing and dancing at a very young age. “I used to be at my grandma house watching Michael Jackson and MC Hammer videos doing all the dances and singing all the songs” Cap says as he laughs. “At the time, I am only like four or five so they are the men to watch in my eyes”. At age seven, he was doing small performances for his family members and everybody would encourage him for encores. Music was his passion and the older he got the more he began to fall in love with it and once he hit ten years old, he discovered something. The voice was discovered and now singing was not just something he played around with but something he realized he could actually do since he was blessed with that gift but nobody would know for a while. “I remember the first song that I started singing when I realized I could actually sing wasn’t even a full song, It was the theme song to the last season of “A Different Wolrd” the TV show and that was when Boyz II Men had taken over and I just couldn’t get away from it” says Cap. While in high school, he was known as the music man because he would always be listening to his iPod and singing everyone’s favorite song. The passion he holds began to flourish there and from then on he knew he had to work toward his singing career. Cap could sing and he loved it and he never wanted to lose that feeling but one day nature would take him over. His voice was changing and puberty was attacking his gift but that would never stop his drive because by now he was even more determined to become a singer. “I can’t even front y’all, I cried when I couldn’t sing and it was only for like five days and I’m like 15 or 16 at the time but I was hurt because I thought the one thing that I loved so much is gone”. Time kept going and now at the age of 22, he is singing, songwriting, dancing, and also writing poetry. All of these aspects play a part in his music and also in his life. Drawing inspirations from classic artists and groups such as Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Curtis Mayfield, Charlie Wilson, The Temptations and The O’Jays, and also current artists such as John Legend, Chris Brown, Jamie Foxx, Trey Songz and NE-YO. He uses the tools before him to create music in his own vision while staying true to the genre he is so strongly attached to. “My music represents me, my life, my emotions, my family, my happiness, my struggles, my pain, my heartache. Everything that shows a piece of Cap you can find in a piece of my music”. His debut mixtape ‘Lyrics & Melodies’ was released in February of this year and it received positive feedback from his peers. Cap Jones strives to perfect his craft as much as possible and he never wants to stop. He lives by his own creed of life he calls “Alpha Life, Omega Season” which means that he strives to be the top artist while being the last great entity and crushing his competition. The world should get ready for this man cause he will keep going until he reaches his goals and he is determined to make it to the top by any means necessary.


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