Cap 1, who's signed to 2 Chainz' The Real University imprint, was shot twice in Atlanta early this morning (Jan. 22). Upon getting shot, Cap drove himself to the hospital, and he now seems to be on the way to recovery. The news broke when Cap shared a picture from his hospital bed to his Instagram. He revealed he was shot at 10 times but was only hit twice; "...when it's not your time nothing can stop God's plan!", he wrote. 

Cap then shared an Instagram video of himself driving to the hospital soon after getting shot. "Bitch ass n*ggas shot me two times. Pussy ass n*ggas. I'm still motherfuckin' here, driving myself to the hospital. Fuck these n*ggas," he said in the clip. 

There are no further details on the shooting or on the type of injuries Cap sustained. We wish him the speediest of recoveries.