C4 dropped off his BOMBS16 mixtape the other day to give fans a glimpse of his past year and the work he's put in-- the mixtape rounded up his most notable releases of 2016, which included collaborations with Young Thug, 2 Chainz, Duke, T.I., Bricc Baby and more. The producer is poised to make an even bigger name for himself in 2017, possibly vying to nab the title of producer MVP from Metro Boomin (whom, it is safe to say, held the title in 2016). C4 is kicking things off today by previewing a collaboration with 21 Savage, "Moncler," which is attached to a joint effort between the producer-rapper pair. That's not C4's only joint project on the way, either-- he has one with fellow producer Dun Deal in the works as well.

We spoke to C4 via e-mail for a quick Q&A concerning the release, and while it might be a minute before the joint effort is released, start anticipating it. Check out the preview of "Moncler" below.

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So first, how did you end up connecting with 21 Savage for a full project? 

We was workin on a track with Gucci Mane called "Peepin," and it came out pretty dope. Then the project [21] was doing with Metro became uncertain, so we started working on our own project with Wheezy. "Moncler" was the first song we did for the project.

Do you know how many songs are on it? 

No set number of songs or features just yet.

How did you guys work on this music? Was it all via e-mail or did you get in the studio together?

Every song we did was in the studio, which is how I do all my music. 

Does the project have a title? 

No title just yet, we still thinking.

Who was your favorite artist to work with in 2016?

Favorite artist I worked with in 2016 was definitely 2 Chainz and Trouble..They both kickin da most swag right now if you ask me.

What else do you have planned for 2017? 

2017, expect a collab tape from me and my homie Dun Deal which will feature exclusive hits from Young Thug to 21 to Migos to 2 chainz, T.I...really everybody.

Which artists are on your radar, that you'd like to collaborate with in the new year?

[I'm] really excited for Trouble and PeeWee Longway. Those my brothers and we been puttin' in alotta work over the past few months...I also like the energy Offset bringing to da game.