People have been doing it for themselves as we've seen an increase in newly launched business and entertainment careers. Social media has helped people in their quests of turning their dreams into realities, especially independently, but according to Bow Wow, there's a difference between an "Entrepreneur" and a "Thottreprerneur." The rapper shared the steps that "thots" need to take in order to turn themselves into household—or at least social media—names.

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The first step, according to Bow Wow, is to "become a stripper" before "[gaining] popularity." His list goes on to include "3. Then decide to do music. Rap/sing, 4. Host some parties, 5. Mess around with a few popular social media lames and maybe a few celebs, 6. Post all your designer show off your bustdown that you aint pay for., 7. Add 'for booking' in your bio, You made it!"

Once his list went viral, Bow wow was criticized because many people told him that he dates the women that he's making fun of and accused him of taking a dig at women in the rap game. Even so, many agreed with him that this is the new blueprint for the come up. Do you agree or disagree with Bow? Check out his list below and let us know if he had it right.

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