New Years Resolutions – they can be so hard to keep! Just ask Bow Wow, who managed to break his just two days into 2022, posting up on Instagram with a glass of wine just one day after telling Twitter followers that he was going to be practicing sobriety "forever."

"Last night was my last night drinking," he tweeted on January 1st, likely after spending a wild New Years Eve turning up and celebrating with his loved ones. "Let's see if I can keep this up forever! I'm really done."

As fate would have it, the 34-year-old wasn't "really done." On the evening of January 2nd, he dropped off a video to his feed, showing him listening to a love song and giving a heartfelt speech about his love life in his living room. "Wine don't count," he wrote in the caption, excusing his alcoholic beverage from judgment.

"I'M TIRED OF BEING SINGLE, SOMETHING GOTTA CHANGE," he continued, then telling viewers that he's "on [his] playa shit from here on out! ROOT FOR ME I NEED LOVE."

The "Like You" recording artist spreads his arms as the music blasts, then yells, "where you at? where you at? I'm tired of being single! I'm about to be 35, I don't wanna be alone. I got red wine, by myself, I'm dancing with my shadow," Bow Wow tells the camera, grooving along to the moody track. 

"The girl is mine," he sings along. "I'm calling out for you! I'm tired of DMing! I'm tired of sliding through the DMs." In the replies, Teresa Caldwell said, "you're such a Pisces," earning her a handful of likes. Others left comments of support for the hitmaker, wishing him well on his journey to love.

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