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  • Cover of It's Yo Birthday: Top 25 J. Cole Tracks
    J. Cole has so far clocked up a very commendable discography of 3 mixtapes, 2 EPs and 2 studio albums. For the North Carolina rapper, the grind has been very real, starting off as a young age creating tracks in his bedroom and hungry for a deal.
  • Cover of Kanye West's "Yeezus" Certified Platinum
    Slowly but surely, Yeezus has become Kanye West's 6th platinum album (7th including Watch The Throne). The RIAA announced today that 1,000,000 units of the divisive album had been shipped out.
  • Cover of J. Cole On "Rich Niggaz":  "I Used To Have Such A Problem With People With Money"
    J. Cole's "Rich Niggaz" was one of the highlights from Born Sinner, dealing with some fairly personal subject matter for the rapper. The track finds Cole expressing his frustration with those who grew up privileged, while he struggled financially.
  • Cover of J. Cole May Have Another TLC Collaboration In The Works
    J. Cole's already fulfilled a childhood dream of working with TLC on his recent hit "Crooked Smile," and according to the NC rapper, another collaboration with Chilli and T-Boz may be in the works.
  • Cover of J. Cole Responds To Criticisms That He's "Boring"
    J. Cole is definitely winning in most regards. This year he's outsold Kanye West, took over urban radio with "Power Trip," and been mentioned in Kendrick's now ubiquitous "Control" verse. Still, the rapper gets his share of criticisms. One of which that turns up almost exclusively is that his music is "boring". J.
  • Cover of J. Cole's "Born Sinner" Goes Gold
    J. Cole's Born Sinner continues to see success, after topping Kanye West's album in its second week, the LP has already gone gold. Cole's album has already passed the 500k mark in sales, reaching it before Kanye could. Congrats! US album sales: #3 @JColeNC, Born Sinner 39,378 (478,495 total).
  • Cover of J. Cole's "Power Trip" Goes Gold [Update: Single Goes Platinum]
    J. Cole and Miguel's "Power Trip" single has been certified Gold, moving more than 500,000 units since it’s February release. You can purchase the track on iTunes if you wish. Born Sinner hits the shelves on June 18th. Peep the numbers and listen to the track below: 
  • Cover of J. Cole Tops Charts, "Yeezus" Sits At Number Three
    After 3 weeks of battling with Kanye West, and later Wale, J. Cole's Born Sinner has topped the Billboard charts. Reportedly moving 55,000 units, Cole's album dropped 33% from last week but still edged out its competitors.
  • Cover of Wale Announces New Track With J. Cole, Dropping Tomorrow
    Wale's The Gifted and J. Cole's Born Sinner were officially the top selling albums of last week. Now, it seems the two emcees have teamed up for a new track, which is apparently dropping tomorrow. Wale made the announcement on Twitter moments ago.
  • Cover of 50 Cent Discusses Kanye West's "Yeezus" & His Contribution To J. Cole's "Born Sinner"
    50 Cent recently called into close friend and collaborator DJ Whoo Kid's Shade 45 radio show to discuss both Born Sinner and Yeezus.
  • Cover of Review: J. Cole's "Born Sinner"
    Cole World: The Sideline Story was considered somewhat of a disappointment to fans who really knew the raw talent that J. Cole posseses.
  • Cover of J. Cole Fan Seemingly Threatens Sister's Life If Rapper Does Not Retweet Him [Update: Fan Investigated By Police]
    J. Cole is surely excited to drop his sophomore album Born Sinner today, but last night he was given a serious shock when a fan tweeted a photo at him which depicted him pointing a gun at his little sister.
  • Cover of J. Cole Says Nas Was "Honored" & "Highly Impressed" By "Let Nas Down"
    One of the more talked about tracks on J. Cole's Born Sinner is "Let Nas Down." The track details Cole's feeling about hearing that Nas did not approve of his single choice for Cole World.
  • Cover of J. Cole Comments On His Use Of Word "Faggot" In "Villuminati"
    J. Cole is usually quite conscious and aware of current socio-political issues on his tracks. He's not usually one to swear excessively or use slurs in his music. Thus fans may have been caught offguard when the Cole World rapper used the word "faggot" in a track off his new album, Born Sinner.
  • Cover of Stream J. Cole's "Born Sinner" In Its Entirety
    J. Cole's Born Sinner leaked last night after coordinated streaming events at various North American locations. As such, he's decided to offer a free stream 11 days before the official June 18 release date.  
  • Cover of J. Cole Explains In-Depth Story Behind "Let Nas Down"
    J. Cole's tracklist has gotten people talking, specifically, the track #15 titled "Let Nas Down." Although Cole recently shut down rumors that he titled a track "I Disappointed Nas," the real title is pretty close. J.
  • Cover of J. Cole To Host One-Time Listening Session For "Born Sinner" On Thursday
     Just like his June 18th "rival" Kanye West, J. Cole is taking his marketing and promotion strategies to the another level.
  • Cover of Possible Tracklist Released For J. Cole's "Born Sinner" [Update: J. Cole Confirms Tracklist Is Real]
    J. Cole has already shot down one rumored tracklist for Born Sinner that was circulating the web the other week, but now another one has surfaced, looking quite plausible.
  • Cover of J. Cole Says Rumored Tracklist For "Born Sinner" Is False & Speaks On "Crooked Smile" With TLC
    J. Cole's upcoming album seems to be getting more and more anticipated with every leak and interview he does. The rapper is definitely confident in his sophomore effort, choosing to go against Kanye West on June 18th.
  • Cover of J. Cole Explains How TLC Feature Happened
    Yesterday we found out that J. Cole enlisted the help of TLC's T-Boz and Chilli on his upcoming album, Born Sinner, and that he's the only one rapping on his album. However, J. Cole wouldn't share any more details other than that.
  • Cover of J. Cole Reveals There's A TLC Feature On "Born Sinner" But No Rap Features
    J. Cole in full promo mode until his upcoming album drops, he's been doing interview after interview, and it doesn't stop overseas. While in London the Cole World rapper spoke to BBC 1 radio's Charlie Sloth about Born Sinner, and revealed new information on the highly anticipated album.
  • Cover of J. Cole Explains His Decision To Push Up "Born Sinner"
    The past week there has been a lot of confusion surrounding J. Cole's release date for Born Sinner. The were rumors he was pushing the release date back, rumors he was pushing it up-- basically, we didn't know when it was actually dropping.
  • Cover of J. Cole Reveals Cover Art For "Born Sinner," Confirms Album Is Completed [Update: Album Dropping June 18th]
    Although it still remains unclear whether J. Cole will be pushing his album release up to June 18th, or is keeping it on the original June 25th date, the rapper is nonetheless ready to deliver the cover art for Born Sinner today.
  • Cover of Rumor: J. Cole Pushing Up "Born Sinner" Album Release Date?
    While rappers are often criticized for delaying projects, it is not often that we get a rapper pushing up an album's release, although it is sure to please fans. J.
  • Cover of J. Cole Speaks On "Born Sinner" Album Title & Departure From Basketball Theme
    J. Cole announced the release date for his new album, Born Sinner, recently. The title of this upcoming album sounds like a departure from Cole's last albums, in-and-of itself. While his debut album title, Cole World: The Sideline Story, took the basketball theme of his mixtapes before it, J.
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