Boosie is catching heat from the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity after sharing a video of himself wearing a jacket bearing the group's name despite not being a member. Fraternity members consider this to be a serious offense

“Check this out, and I know I look good in this jacket,” Boosie says in the clip while showing off his outfit. “Remind me of the great Dr. Martin Luther King. I need whoever do the best stroll with this jacket, we gon have an award for y’all. Y’all go do the Run It Up challenge, and it’s big, bro.”

Boosie Badazz, Frats
Carmen Mandato / Getty Images

Shortly after, members of the fraternity expressed their displeasure with the rapper's actions on social media.

This isn't the first time Boosie has run into trouble with a fraternity. Last year, he made the similar mistake of wearing a Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity sweater, for which he was called out again.

“I apologize to ’em, but I need some [apologies] too because they talking ’bout they shed blood for this,” he said at the time in response to the backlash. “They got people in my DMs talking like they built like me. Like they talking gangsta. I’m like bruh, it ain’t that serious. I don’t wanna do nothing witchu. My bad, dawg.”

Check out Boosie's video as well as some of the responses below.