Hip Hop's favorite flat earther is reflecting on being caught up in controversy. Years ago, B.o.B.'s skills on the mic were sidelined by his opinion that the earth is flat. The public called him names and he's continued to be joked about for his opinion, but that hasn't kept him from sharing his thoughts. However, B.o.B. recently admitted that there was a point during that time when he feared for his life because "anybody that speaks truth to power or says controversial things ends up dead."

B.o.B. Flat Earth Conspiracy Theories
Gustavo Caballero / Stringer / Getty Images

“For me it wasn’t even so much the ‘Flat Earth,’ sh*t, but it was like when I was doing the elements sh*t and cloning and all that sh*t bro it's like, I was for sure, I was like, ‘They gon' try and get me, bruh,'" the rapper told HipHopDX with a laugh. "Because you know it’s like, most people when they go through that type of sh*t, that awakening phase, they do it on their own time, but me, I did it in public.”

B.o.B.'s conspiracy theory remarks captured the attention of famed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and the two celebrity figures got into a Twitter spat about the validity of the earth being flat. Calling Tyson "Mr. Potato Head," B.o.B. recalled how much he "really didn't like" how the planetary scientist came at him.

"I was like, ‘Who the f*ck.’ Then, somebody was like, ‘You should make a song called “Flatline,” and I was like, ‘Yea man, f*ck yeah I’m doing this now.’ So I’m just like, unloading the whole clip and just like, ‘F*ck it, f*ck it, f*ck it, f*ck it,’ and in hindsight, that’s some wild ass sh*t.” Check out B.o.B.'s clip below.