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For those unfamiliar, Blue Sky Black Death are a production duo consisting of members Kingston and Young God, who divide their time between Seattle, Washington and Oakland, California. Their glacial hip-hop soundscapes are unmistakable, blurring the lines between rap, electronic and ambient music. They've also mastered the delicate art of chopped and screwed (C&S) remixing.

Throughout their decade-long career, they've released four studio albums, twelve collaborative projects and nine mixtapes, collaborating with the likes of Nacho Picasso, JMSN, Ceshi Ramos, Rob Sonic, Mike Ladd, Jus Allah, Sabac Red, Wise Intelligent, A-Plus, Pep Love, Chief Kamachi, Myka 9, Virtuoso, Awol One, Holocaust, Alexander Chen, Jean Grae, Yes Alexander, Hell Razah, Key Nyata, Child Actor, Deniro Farrar and more.

The last we heard of BSBD them was a remix of Frank Ocean's "Pyramids", from his debut studio album channel ORANGE. It included a chopped and screwed sample of Pimp C's verse from UGK's 1999 single "Wood Wheel". 

Stay tuned for updates on their career, and hit up for more details.

Facts Only

  • "Blue Sky Black Death" is a skydiving phrase alluding to beauty and death.
  • Kingston and Young God started collaborating seriously in 2006.
  • They signed their first deal with Mush Records in 2005.
  • Blue Sky Black death draw inspiration from post-rock, shoegaze and prog-rock.
  • BSBD's musical arsenal includes drum machines, guitars, samplers, synthesizers and keyboards.
  • The cover of their 2013 album "Glaciers" was created by tattooist, designer and Sang Bleu creative director Maxime Buchi.
  • BSBD's musical approach combines samples with live instrumentation.
  • They're singed to Fake Four Inc. along with Child Actor and JMSN.
  • The duo have a mutual appreciation for southern rap traditions.
  • Blue Sky Black Death were initially known as Torso.


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