Blueface is a promising young talent from Los Angeles, signing to Cash Money West and dropping off a couple of hit records, but who knew he was also a professional super-hero?

Clearly, Blueface has been practicing his skills because the 23-year-old rapper just pulled off some impressive moves just to put a smile on his little boy's face.

"I do my own stunts Happy C day son," wrote BF on Instagram, showing how he celebrated Baby Blueface's birthday this weekend.

Maury Phillips/Getty Images

In the video, the rapper is dressed in a Spider-Man costume, heading out to his personal football field and running some acrobatic cartwheel flips before attempting his most challenging move. His son requested he run up the wall, so Blueface Spider-Man did just that. 

Climbing the yard in his backyard, the super-hero then nailed an impressive backflip off the top, which Blueface's baby boy completely missed. 

Spidey presumably spun out a web and went on to entertain the next kid on their birthday.

In the comments, people are giving Blue props for being such a caring and fun father, with Desiigner leading the charge.

"That’s lit bro happy birthday lil homie," wrote the rapper in the comments. 

Happy birthday, Baby Blueface!