It wasn't much of a shock that 21 Savage pulled out a gun during the brawl at a pool party recently. The guy has expressed his appreciation for firearms in the past. Fortunately, no one was injured or shot during the altercation at the pool party but clearly, 21 and his crew take precautionary measures before entering any sort of public event where trouble could follow. Some people criticized Savage for it while others, including BlocBoy JB, stood by the ATL rapper for staying protected.

TMZ recently caught up with BlocBoy JB and asked him about the video of 21 Savage pulling out the gun at a pool party. BlocBoy JB defended 21 Savage for having protection on him in anyway. He explained that even if you have security, there's always a possibility that you will need to hold your own.

"It's everyday shit. N***a always gotta stand by himself," he explained. "I don't move with no security. Just because security there, it's like you still in the hood still sellin'. You gotta move like without the security 'cause if security gets shot right now, shit, you still gotta bust."

While Savage may have been criticized for pulling out a gun, BlocBoy JB said pulling out a gun wasn't a bad look.

"Hell nah, it ain't a bad look. It's a bad looks to the other folks. The folks that just want something to say." BlocBoy said.

Peep the clip below.