In the modern age of social media superstars, it seems that anyone with a well-sculpted physique can flex their way into the tight-knit, exclusive social circles of the Hollywood Hills. While there's no denying that Blac Chyna's path to fame and fortune is not unique in and of itself, her ability to stay in the headlines nearly a decade after first becoming a public figure is no small feat. 

After recognizing that the college route was not for her, Blac Chyna (born Angela Renee White) fully engaged with her former part-time gig as a stripper and exotic dancer while also pursuing professional modeling on the side. Landing a coveted job at the former A-list hotspot King of Diamonds strip club in Miami, Chyna's skills on the pole were enough to soon earn her a shoutout in the third single "Miss Me" off of Drake's debut album Thank Me Later. Following Drizzy's name drop, Chyna's soaring popularity landed her modeling jobs in DimepieceStraight Stuntin and Black Men's Magazine. After securing a stunt double gig for Nicki Minaj in the "Monster" music video back in 2010, Chyna's status as a satellite within hip-hop circles was fully solidified. 

Just one year later in 2011, Chyna landed the lead role in rapper Tyga's "Rack City" music video. Armed with an hourglass figure, bangs and trademark dimple piercings, Chyna caught T-Raww's eye and began her long-running pattern of linking up with A, B and C-listers from across hip-hop circles and beyond. While her independent celebrity status is often diminished by the carousel of rappers and reality stars that she's often pictured with, there's no questioning Chyna's ability to secure the bag as a businesswoman and the head of her own personal brand. 

"I already was [a celebrity], even back in D.C., I took over that, went to Miami and I was a celebrity down there," Chyna revealed in a 2018 interview with the Daily Mail, silencing the claim that she owes the Kardashian family for her fame. "Came to LA, same thing. I kind of ran all three states and I'm actually kind of proud of that. I would consider myself a celebrity, which is like a celebrated person. So, it's up to you to make me this person."

Curious about Chyna's dating history outside of Rob Kardashian and Tyga? Keep reading for the full scoop on Chyna's (many) baes over the years.


Blac Chyna and Tyga at Tyga's 22nd birthday party - Denise Truscello/WireImage/Getty Images

Instantly hitting it off in 2011 after filming the music video for "Rack City," Blac Chyna and T-Raww were soon inseparable. From red carpets to steamy social media snapshots, the two flexed their PDA-packed relationship for fans and tabloids alike. After Chyna gave birth to their son King Cairo in 2012, the two were engaged just a month later but failed to ever make it down the aisle. In what soon became a media feeding frenzy, Tyga ended his relationship with Chyna days after TMZ spotted the rapper partying with then-17-year-old Kylie Jenner. We all know the ending of that story.

Speaking to Daily mail years after their split, Chyna revealed that she is now at peace with her and Tyga's stunted engagement. "Of course I wanted to be with him, wanted to be together but sometimes things happen and there's nothing wrong with that," said the Lashed CEO

The Game

Clearly, The Game likes to name-drop his sexual conquests on his track. In his track "Sauce" with DJ Khaled, The Game spit that he "fucked three Kardashians," referring to Chyna's then-engagement to Rob Kardashian. "It was three. It gets a little tricky...Chyna ain't married yet," clarified the rapper when speaking to talk show host Wendy Williams about the controversial line. As if once wasn't enough, The Game also spit "Blac Chyna head the bomb, Al-Qaeda," on the Meek Mill diss track "92 bars," a name-drop that allegedly caused problems between the former stripper and her reality star beau. 

P.J. Tucker 

P.J. Tucker - Rich Fury/Getty Images

Back in 2015, married NBA forward P.J. Tucker was rumored to be hooking up with Blac Chyna on the low. After rumors of the two secretly hooking up began to spread, Tucker deleted his Instagram entirely and Chyna wiped photos/videos that featured subtle call-outs to the former Suns player. In the video below, the mystery man's arm cuddled close to Chyna sports tattoos eerily similar to Tucker's. 

J'Leon Love 

After only four months of dating, Chyna split from pro boxer J'Leon Love after allegedly never getting the chance to be fully intimate with the athlete. Abstaining from sex while preparing for an upcoming fight and also during the holy month of Ramadan, Chyna dished to TMZ about having to wait while leaving a Hollywood strip club one night. 

"I'm still waiting,' said Chyna. 'So listen, he's a I'm still waiting.' 

Johnny Winn

The same night that Tyga and Kylie Jenner showed off their new relationship on the MTV Music Awards red carpet, Blac Chyna posted a steamy pic with her beau, businessman Johnny Winn. The two only dated for a few months. 

Pilot Jones

In late 2015, singer Pilot Jones was linked to Blac Chyna after a photo of the two cuddled close together surfaced. "We actually met at a party that I was hosting, so we got really close around the end of 2015 for sure. We didn’t have to put a title on anything. We both kind of knew how we felt about each other," said Jones of their relationship. 

With Chyna linking up with Rob Kardashian soon after, Jones, unfortunately, found himself in the middle of an ugly feud with the two reality stars after rumors swirled that the former stripper was creeping behind her new BF's back.

"She’s not a little bit of a bully, she clearly did bully me — there’s no ‘little bit’ to it,” said Jones of Chyna's behavior after getting serious with Kardashian. “The fact is that she tried to intimidate me via social media, and I don’t think that that is OK, and I don’t think that that’s right. At the end of the day, all of us in this situation are parents and look at the example that we are teaching. … These platforms are being used to really harass people. I was outed on social media," he continued, referring to Chyna putting his bisexual orientation on blast. “She’s a master manipulator.”

Rob Kardashian

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian at Chyna's emoji launch - Greg Doherty/Getty Images

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna became Instagram official in January 2016 after the former stripper posted an photo of the two in a close embrace.

Despite the fact that the Kardashian sister, Kylie Jenner, was dating Chyna's ex and baby daddy, Tyga, at the time, Rob wasn't backing down. After slipping a ring onto Chyna's finger in April 2016 and confirming a few weeks later that the two had a baby on the way, the Blac Chyna-Kardashian union looked like it would earn the entrepreneur a spot in the ranks of America's most famous family. Unfortunately, a depressed and despondent Kardashian hopped on Snapchat in December 2016 to announce that Chyna had moved out of their shared home and taken their daughter Dream and all of her belongings with her. 

Since the split, the two have fired shots back and forth on social media while engaging in a bitter custody battle over their daughter Dream. From assault allegations to media mudslinging, Rob and Chyna seemed to be doomed from the start. 

Safaree Samuels 

Safaree Samuels - Greg Doherty/Getty Images

In 2017, Blac Chyna's friend Star Divine let slip that Samuels had been sleeping with the former stripper on the low. "I don't understand how he wants a baby w her while he's over here fucking on Blac Chyna. Pick a side weirdo," commented Divine on Samuels' Twitter post pining for rapper Nicki Minaj

In response, Samuels' claimed that he himself never posted that damning tweet while refusing to comment on the Blac Chyna rumors. 

Ferrari Tru 

When Rob Kardashian went off on social media exposing Blac Chyna and all of her "other men," the first one caught in the crossfire was rapper Ferrari Tru. Later threatened by both Kardashian and Chyna, Tru explained how the scandal broke to OK! magazine. "I wasn’t expecting it to go down the way it did. When I woke up my phone was going off I thought something was wrong with Apple because my notifications weren’t showing up and then I saw Rob put all this stuff out and he was hurt clearly," said the aspiring rapper. "Rob’s a good dude, he’s a solid guy I don’t have anything against him," said the same man who was caught naked in bed with Chyna while wearing Kardashian's robe. 


Yet another one of Chyna's side pieces exposed by Kardashian, aspiring rapper Mechie was allegedly "furious" when their sex tape was leaked to the press despite the fact that it's his biggest claim to fame to date. While the two only dated for a few months before Chyna kicked him to the curb, their NSFW bedroom habits will forever remain on the internet. 

Playboi Carti 

If you thought that Playboi Carti and Blac Chyna linking up was built to last, think again. During an appearance on "Ebro in the Morning," the rapper revealed that while the two were spotted together for months, their relationship was little more than an enjoyable fling. 

"You know, I just got a lot of friends," Carti revealed. "LA get crazy, you know. ... Yeah, [Chyna] my homie, though. We ain't that deep. Good week."

Swae Lee

Unfortunately for Blac Chyna, Swae Lee's ex Marliesia Ortiz took to social media to drag the reality star for allegedly performing oral sex on her man. "you love sucking people n---as di--s huh?" wrote Ortiz, tagging Chyna in her Instagram story. In response, the Rae Sremmurd star all but confirmed the allegation that he. stepped outside of his relationship. "That was a big miscommunication. I’m not no lame, and of course girls wanna… you know? [f---?] yeah,” he said. “I’m young and gonna take part in it. Certain girls might be my focus, and I'm gonna filter through who’s real and groupie/thottie life and Im gon’ filter through that. But the girl gotta understand my life for it even to work. ‘Damn, he this person cause society made him this person. So I gotta be understanding. It’s gonna come with all these extra things’,” he continued.

YBN Almighty Jay

Blac Chyna at the BET Hip-Hop Awards - Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET

From February to May 2018, Blac Chyna faced the scorn of millions for linking up barely-legal rapper YBN Almighty Jay. Surprising no one, Chyna dropped her young lover for sliding into other girls' DMs. Proving her dedication to doing whatever TF she wants, Chyna never apologized for chasing her heart and continually commanded the narrative of their short-lived relationship. 

Kid Buu

Most recently, Chyna has been linked to controversial aspiring rapper Kid Buu who has a rap sheet peppered with child abuse, obstruction of justice, robbery and criminal mischief charges. Not surprisingly, YBN Almighty Jay isn't a fan of his former flame moving on so quickly to someone with such a questionable reputation.