Although Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are now on good terms regarding the custody of their daughter Dream and the terms of parenting, Blac is seemingly still pursuing her lawsuit against the Kardashian family for getting her E! series dropped. 

The former couple previously starred in the network's Rob & Chyna series but the show got canceled and Blac accused the Kardashian family of threatening the network, saying they will pull out of Keeping Up With The Kardashians if they still air Blac's show. 

According to TMZ, Ryan Seacrest has filed documents explaining why he should not be forced to sit for a deposition in Blac's case against the Kardashians. Apparently, Ryan and his team have already provided over 800 pages proving he has nothing to do with their drama. It seems as though Blac's only piece of evidence she has against Ryan is a tweet he sent out to Rob congratulating him on the pick-up of a second season with the network. 

Ryan and his team are so adamant he has nothing to do with the case but also annoyed they are being dragged into the mess that the E! television host has requested Blac fork over $2,460 for his troubles.

 Jamie McCarthy/Getty