There are some exes who just can't stay away from one another. Recently, YBN Almighty Jay was hit with "Donkey of the Day" by The Breakfast Club after he chatted with TMZ about how he's been spending his quarantine.  "I don't know, I ain't really been taking it serious," he said. "I still been having like, girls and stuff pull up to the spot... We don't social distance." The remarks made the young rapper a target for criticism, but it's said that he's since changed his ways and now encourages everyone to stay isolated indoors.

However, it doesn't look as if YBN Almighty Jay has been spending all of his time alone. The Neighborhood Talk shared a photo that shows he may have visited his ex-girlfriend Blac Chyna's house recently, judging by photos that surfaced online. Blac Chyna, now 31, caused a stir when it was revealed that she was dating the then 19-year-old father back in 2018. Since their breakup, the pair have remained friends and in February, YBN Almighty Jay spoke about his relationship with his ex. He stated that Blac Chyna was a "cool person" with a "good personality," but she's wild "most of the time."

Meanwhile, Blac Chyna continues to be entangled in child custody legal drama with ex-fiancée Rob Kardashian. The pair have made headlines after their court documents have been circulated in the media that show the former couple tossing around heinous accusations including drug abuse, child neglect, and threats of violence.