If you've been following MMA and the UFC for a long time now, then you have certainly heard of BJ Penn and everything he has done for the sport. Penn is a legend in his own right and still fights from time to time, even if his old age gets in the way at times. Regardless, it seems as though Penn has been enjoying himself just a little bit too much recently as TMZ Sports obtained footage of him outside of a Honolulu strip club on Monday night.

Now you may associate strip clubs with having a ton of fun, but in this case, that is certainly not what was happening here. In the video which can be seen below, Penn is on top of a bouncer and is fighting with him. 

Witnesses on the scene tried to stop Penn who had the bouncer pinned to the ground and wouldn't let up. One man even tries punching Penn in the head but he just wouldn't quit. The owner of the club told TMZ that Penn had been escorted out because he was "very drunk" and that cops were eventually called to put an end to the scene.

In the report, it states that Penn had already left the club by the time police arrived so there was no way he could be apprehended.