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B’NEZHA Real experiences, real struggle, and real triumph! All of which are the gist of what influences the music of west coast rap artist’s, “Big O,” “Haf-Wit,” and “Young Meazy,” collectively known as B’NEZHA. The first group from, the trio owned, MODO Entertainment, partnered with independent giants, Koch Records and West Coast Mafia Records is slated for their album release in mid 2010. The group as a whole has been together since high school when cousins “Big O” and “Haf-Wit” met “Young Meazy,” The group originally recorded under the name “Sons of Pangea” and enjoyed success with hits such as “Mamacita.” In 2008, “Big O” collaborated with west coast rap legend C-Bo to release a compilation entitled “Trading War Stories.” The album has received raving reviews and is performing very well on the sales chart. On stage, B’NEZHA has garnered a following that rivals many well known artists. “Big O” has performed numerous times as an opening act for his father, Cuba Gooding Sr. (Main Ingredient). B’NEZHA as a whole has opened for Tyrese, blessed the Cheers and Beers Festival in San Diego, and has been heating up the Hollywood night scene at clubs such as Element, Lyfe on Wilshire, and Opera. MODO and B’NEZHA have set back in the entertainment world and observed the nuances of this intricate business. A great product will secure another successful business venture for the men of MODO, and great products in music, film and entertainment are what MODO intends to provide. The first product to be introduced to the world through the visions of MODO Entertainment is B’NEZHA. Enjoy World!!! BIG O “BIG O,” better known as Omar Gooding, most notably of acting fame, is using his innate talent to entertain to show the world his musical prowess. Although “BIG O” has been an actor for over 20 years, few know that he has been a rap artist for nearly the same tenure. The genesis of “Big O’s” rap career started with wowing the west coast underground circuit, including winning “The Budweiser Best of the West Competition,” and blessing “The Low Rider 3” soundtrack as part of a group called “Sons of Pangea” with the popular song “Mamacita.” The strength of “Mamacita” and “BIG O’s” undeniable talent, lead Thump Street Records to sign “BIG O” to his first record deal. After experiencing creative differences and wavering business dealings with Thump Street Records, “BIG O” parted ways with the label only to bounce back with his own record label and entertainment company, MODO Entertainment which has partnered with WEST COAST MAFIA RECORDS. Many know “BIG O” as brother to Academy Award winning actor Cuba Gooding Jr. “Big O” is also son to legendary singers Cuba Gooding Sr., of The Main Ingredient and Shirley Gooding of ”The Sweethearts” and “The Lovables.” Obviously “BIG O” has an innate ability to entertain and many have followed his career from sitcoms, to his breakout performance in John Singleton’s “Baby Boy.” Now “Big O” sets out to further diversify himself as an actor-slash-rapper, in an effort to reach his ultimate goal of world renowned artist. May it be writing, performing, acting, rapping, or even directing, “BIG O” says “The sky is the limit, I am an entertainer that’s all there is to it.” Haf-Wit Luwan Butler a.k.a “Haf-Wit,” is a lyricist with music, literally, in his blood. The son of a singing mother, Barbara Butler, best known from the singing groups “The Lovables,” and “The Sweethearts,” Mrs. Butler instilled a musical passion in “Haf-Wit,” that burns to this day. “Haf-Wit’s” aunt, “Big O’s” mother, was also a member of said groups, forming the relational and musical bonds which lead to the ultimate creation of MODO Entertainment. Born in Franklin, Virginia yet raised in various areas in Southern California, “Haf-Wit’s” travels and life experiences are the soundtrack to the movie that is his music. From San Bernardino, to the High Desert, to The San Fernando Valley to his eventual rest haven Los Angeles, “Haf-Wit” has endured a wide array of experiences and challenges which resonate in his heartfelt, real music. “Haf-Wit” is not new to the music industry, as an original member of the group “Sons of Pangea” (S.O.P), along with cousin “Big O”, “Haf-Wit” etched a name in the music world with performances at The Best of the West competitions. “Haf-Wit” also blessed the soundtrack of Low Rider Volume 3 with his musical talents on a song titled “Mamacita.” The hype and accolades from this one song generated the buzz that eventually lead to the group signing a label deal with Thump Street Records. Functional and creative differences forced “S.O.P” to part ways with Thump Records and have been on the lyrical grind ever since. Young Meazy Hailing from the tough streets of Compton, Marcus “Young Meazy” Sherow portrays every ounce of that toughness in his rhymes. The word tough may not give justice to the life “Young Meazy" has lead, which also included a brief stint living in Detroit. Although the streets’ influence on the youth in these notorious cities can be a bit hardening, “Young Meazy” seems to have a playful side as well. While ”Young Meazy” does masterfully spit lyrics one would expect from those raised in rough inner cities (gang violence, drugs, and surrounding poverty), "Young Meazy" also displays the talent to speak on the fun side of the “hood.” Boasting of what is not portrayed in the media; "Young Meazy" is showing both sides. “Young Meazy” sites many artists as lyrical influences, including 2pac, N.W.A, Tha Dogg Pound, C-BO, E-40, and Scarface. The eclectic mix of influences are evident in “Young Meazy’s” sound, which is a masterful mixture of versatility and undeniable swagger. Success is not foreign to "Young Meazy," who has also experienced triumph at “The Best of the West” competitions as well. A member of group members “Big O” and “Half Wit’s” inner most circles since high school, "Young Meazy" is the solidifying force behind the B’NEZHA movement. Witnessing all of “Big O’s” acting success and being a confidant to the early music success of “Sons of Pangea,” "Young Meazy" formed an unbreakable bond with B’NEZHA that is evident in the flow of the group’s music.


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