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Big Mayne was born on January 3, 1989.He grew up surrounded by music played by his now deceased cousin Sean Carlos Fuller.Big Mayne was always to shy to ever make music of his own,but after the tragedy losing his cousin and all he knew he had to make his career in the music industry.When ask what does Big Mayne bring to the rap world he stated, What i can bring to this rap world is real music, no make believe music, all music of stuff I have seen or been through or knew somebody who been through it,i try to stay as real as my parents raised me ya feel me. Plus i think i got my own style in rap noone else can sound like Big Mayne and not even trying to diss noone im just one of a kind haha ,he laughs. If you listen to his music you will understand what he's talking about and where he's coming from. He uses his life and struggles in his life to bring his songs to reality. When ask does he only make gangsta thuggish music, he replied, No not at all if you listen to all my mixtape's you will find that I'm very versatile. when asked whats the meanings behind all your mixtapes created, he replies, well Gotta Hustle And Live vol.1 that's my first mixtape, its pretty much what i was doing at that point in time hustling and living my life to the fullest. my second mixtape Me And My Goone's this one was for me and all my real friends who i would kick it with on a day to day basis, they featured on the mixtapes much love to all of them. My 3RD mixtape ''Haters Bring Me Paper" this one is to all these kat's out there who got my name in they mouth and it aint positive talking ya know what i mean that's that. Last but not least my 4th mixtape still in process ''Emotions In A Gangsta" this dedicated to my daughter Tianna Renee Chism the love of my life that my only emotion she calmed me down from everything in life so thats how it goes just listen to the music and enjoy it.he stated,.


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