B.Froeze was born Dec 7th, 1992. From before he could even walk music was always a favorite. From Vanilla Ice to Eminem, Rap was always loved. Rap soon became more then just "music". It became an outlet, a way to vent, and eventually a way of life. Everyone has obstacles to over come in life and B.Froeze was no different. B's past troubles are what made him what he is today and influences him to write the music he does. Not a day goes by where B doesnt have a beat in his head or rhymes on his mind. B's goal is to trigger everyone in some sort of way where they share the same pain or just the same feelings. For B.Froeze, "Rap" is more then just words. It is his meaning of life, a huge part of his heart. Until the day that he dies, he will always... keep "Goin' Hard". -any comments, concerns, complaints or wanna collab please email B.Froeze at BFroeze.Online@live.ca. Thank you for all your support.


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