Back in 2017 Beyonce tried to trademark her daughter's name, Blue Ivy, as a way to lock down the rights for her daughter's future endeavors. Soon after, Veronica Morales clapped back, trying to block Beyonce from doing so since she owned a wedding company of the same name, established three years before Beyonce and Jay Z's daughter was even born.

As the legal battle continues, The Blast now reports that Veronica has requested private texts between Jay Z and Beyonce's mother Tina Knowles as a way to see if she really planned on using the trademark. Veronica and her legal team also want to know if Beyonce and Jay Z knew of the trademark before their daughter was born. 

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Being the very private celebrity she is, Beyonce has refused to hand over any private documents and is demanding a protective order that would restrict Veronica and her team from sharing any personal information. 

Veronica's team noted in their opposition that Jay Z previously told Vanity Fair that his family had no intention of using Blue Ivy's trademarked name but wanted to prevent others from profiting off of it. 

This trademark battle has allegedly been going on for about a year. Beyonce had accused Veronica of trying to sell the trademark to her for $10 million, something Veronica has denied.