Released just three days ago, "WAP" has already had an enormous impact on the culture. Since its release, the song has already been remixed by Safaree with “B.A.D,” fans have started a petition to remove Kylie Jenner from the video, and CeeLo Green, unprovoked, namedropped Megan and Cardi in an interview while criticizing their racy song.

Adding to the list of reactions, conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro covered the song on his talk show The Ben Shapiro Show and footage of the clip went viral on social media Monday afternoon. In his dramatized reading of the lyrics, Shapiro clarifies that ‘wet ass p-word’-- yes, he said p-word, means female genitalia, in case any of his listeners were confused. After reading Cardi’s first verse entirely, he then comments on the increasing vulgarity of the lyrics and, in perhaps the worst part of the clip, shifts to analyzing the song through a ‘feminist’ lens.  

ben shapiro wap lyrics

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

“This is what the feminist movement is all about,” declared The Daily Wire editor-in-chief. “It’s not really about women being treated as independent full rounded human beings, it’s about wet ass p-word. And if you say anything differently it’s cause you’re a misogynist.” Watch the video below for yourself. 

Reactions to Shapiro’s close reading of “WAP” on social media were as raw as you would expect them. Here are some highlights from what the Twitter streets are saying.