This past week has not been a good one for the Chicago Bears, who in just about an hour from now, will be taking on the Detroit Lions in what should be a truly horrific Thanksgiving Day matchup. Head coach Matt Nagy has done a poor job over the last couple of seasons and his personnel decisions have fans wanting him to get the boot. Of course, that's a pretty drastic measure, however, the rumors coming out of Chicago have given fans a reason to be excited.

There have been various reports that Nagy will be fired after the Thanksgiving Day game, regardless of the result. The Lions are winless right now, and a loss to them would truly be an embarrassing indictment on Nagy's record.

Matt Nagy

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

As Adam Schefter of ESPN reports, however, Nagy isn't going anywhere, at least for right now. Sources surrounding the Bears have told Schefter that all of the rumors from the past week were false and that Nagy will be keeping his job. This could simply be a means of damage control, especially with a divisional matchup just an hour away from the time of writing this.

Either way, Nagy is under the microscope right now, and he's going to need to stack up some wins if he wants any shot at keeping his job beyond this season.