B.o.B. Talks On "Strange Clouds" & Rock Album

B.o.b. shares some details about his upcoming album "Strange Clouds," and reveals he is already working on a rock album.

B.o.B.'s highly anticipated album, Strange Clouds, is hitting stores and the internets tomorrow (May 1st). We already got a few leaks off it, including his collab with Taylor Swift and "Ray Bands." 

HipHopDX caught up with B.o.B. to talk about his rise to fame, Strange Clouds, the possibility of a rock album and more. Read some excerpts from the interview below. Head here to read the entire interview.

How many instruments he played on "Strange Clouds":

"I play guitar. Bass. Piano. Cello. I also read music. [I played] Everything stated except the cello. I did a lot. I got a guitar solo on Strange Clouds. I also put [out] a lot of material that I have been working on acoustically. "

On "Ray Bands":

"I produced it with a friend of mine, a production partner named Jamison. It’s funny because the bridge started out as the hook. But it didn’t really seem complete. So I wrote something else to the hook music and it grew into its own thing. I think it’s a great song. I love the beat. I love the energy behind it. I’m excited to perform it. I want to see how people react to it. This is why I do it. I make music to perform it, to travel the world with it."

On a rock album:

"It’s already hatched and semi recorded."

He continued to speak on who he'd like to work with on a rock album, "For me it could be a new artist or someone who has been out for years.  But for For people who like "strange clouds," metaphorically speaking, check out James Blake. Catch a cloud and pop that in."

On his joint album with T.I., "Man and the Martian":

"We are working on the Man and the Martian project. It’s a project on the horizon. We are trying to get our solo projects out first. We already have songs recorded for it. It’s on the agenda of things to do."



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